“Hand Me Your Ears”

                                   By Adrian T. Santoalla, BBrC 2-3

             “It takes a great man to be a good listener.” A quote from John Calvin Coolidge Jr. Every one of us seems to develop a poor habit of listening. Most of us only listen to things base on our personal needs and reasons. We are feeding that bad listening habit that will soon grow into a horrible monster and will jeopardize our relationships and the worst is that it can destroy our way of communication. This is the story of a boy named Albert who possesses all the bad listening habits and his encounter with the greatest lesson of his life.

             It was eight o’clock in the morning when Albert woke up. He rushes into the bathroom to take a bath. His mother, Marta then noticed that Albert always forgets to eat his breakfast before going to school. So one day she decided to talk with his son concerning her problem. It was dawn when Albert arrived home. Marta then tried to call Albert’s attention. “Albert lately I am noticing that you skip your breakfast and meal, do you know what could possibly happen to you if you would continue that habit?” Marta said. “Alright Mom I will never do that again. So don’t get yourself worried anymore.” Albert replied. “, Ok, but if I ever see you again doing that, I will no longer give you your snack and extra budget for your food at school. Albert I hope you understand why I am so concerned about this. I just don’t want you to get sick. DO you understand? Marta told Albert. After hearing the sermon of his Mom, Albert silently whisper to himself, “Here we go again, this is always an endless conversation with no sense.” He then nodded and tried to look at her mom as he pretend that he listens to his mother.

              The following day, Albert was in his school. It was seven in the morning and they were having their history class. Albert hates his teacher that when the teacher isn’t looking at him, he tries to mock it and do other things which is not related to the subject. But when the teacher tries to pay attention to the class, He tries to change his face value and try to act like he was really listening just to avoid being caught and scolded by his teacher. During break time, Albert goes to the canteen with his friend Fred, who loves chatting with people and converse about different topics just for fun. When they were already at the canteen, Albert opens a topic to Albert. “Hey Albert, I am really pissed with our teacher in history. He always gives us lots of headaches from his never ending home works and projects.” Fred said. “You know what the real problem is my friend? It is you. You always complain about anything. Of course what do you expect from our teachers? Do you think they would just let us graduate without undergoing hard circumstances? Or maybe you’re just lazy enough. I’m sorry to tell you this but I am not anymore interested to becoming your friend. Try looking for someone who can manage to listen to your boring stories.” Albert replied angrily. “Why are you taking this seriously Albert? I’m just sharing my thoughts and opinion about Mr. Hans. I am not even forcing you to agree with me. Ok, I’m done with you Albert. May I also suggest that you look for someone who can patiently understand your horrible attitude. Bye Albert.” Fred then answered. Albert didn’t even mind apologizing to Fred that was really offended. He just walked out and went to other place where he can be alone. While Albert was in the hallway a boy named George approached him. George was Albert’s classmate since grade school. They decided to go somewhere and have a little conversation. “Albert I haven’t seen you since the last time that we played badminton at your place. I have good news for you. I heard about this new game and I really am interested to buy it. Do you want to borrow it? George said happily. “Oh, never mind that. I’m not interested anymore about such games. I got a new hobby and that is reading. I find it more valuable than playing games.” Albert replied. In the middle of the conversation, George notices that Albert is not interested on what he is saying. He notices that Albert dominates him in sharing stories. So he decided to leave Albert. Albert went home alone. He remembers all the people that he embarrassed at the school. Albert got sad and later he cried. He realized that he became unaware of his bad listening habits and that he causes shame to his fellows. He even lost his friend because of it.

          One Day he decided to change himself and tried to appreciate listening to the things that his fellows say to him. Soon, people started talking to him. He also got his friend back. His teachers became his friend as well. That’s the time that Albert felt the real happiness. The Happiness brought by being a good listener.

                                                  -THE END-


                                                 “Who Are You?”

                                    By Adrian T. Santoalla

                                            BBrC 2-3

       “Who am I? Do I know myself? Do I know what others know about me? Am I me?” Knowing yourself and knowing what others know about you can be considered as an easy process, but the process of accepting and dealing with it is a difficult one. This process is where one could determine his own character or even personality. It is discovering yourself through your words and actions, and as well as other people’s thought about you.  And as you go along with the process, you’ll be surprised to know the many other personalities that you have.  Maybe it is true that we are aware of the words and actions that we say or do.  Or maybe, it is also true that we are unaware of the words we utter or the actions that we make, that people around us see. And more often it tends to burst our bubbles whenever we hear things about us that come from other people. Then it hurts us in an emotional way. But it hurts the most when the words that others tell us are true and we’re not ready to accept it. Due to this, we are being overcome by our fear of losing a friend or even being hate by many. There are people who are incapable of dealing with themselves that hinders them from dealing with other people. It caused them to become timid and sooner as they let this small thing overcome them, they become intolerant of the words they hear and later they will fall into a more complicated situation. “What is the main reason to this?” The answer is simple. They don’t know themselves because they close the door to other people’s opinion and words about them. That is the reason why there are people with psychological problems. There are “emos” or what we call emotional people. There are bipolar people who changes mood in just a short span of time. This happened because they didn’t have enough courage to open their mind on criticisms and other person’s thought about them. They tend to just believe on their own perspective without analyzing the words that they hear from other people.  They became paranoid about things they see and hear. They end up blowing everything around them. That’s how important knowing yourself is and as well as knowing what others know about you. It is also the ego that blinds their eyes from seeing the reality.

            Exploring one’s self is very essential in developing a better you. If you know yourself, you know your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, and your way of responding to situations and other matters surrounding you. But knowing yourself alone is not effective. One should also consider the people around him/her because they are also the ones whom we interact with. We talk to our fellows, we dance with them, play with them, walk with them and more.  They are the ones who know us by our actions and words that they see and hear from us. That’s why when we are worried or too much conscious about our self, we ask our dear friends. Through their opinions, criticisms and thoughts about us, we can improve ourselves. Knowing what other knows about us lets us determine the different personalities or characteristics that we have. The importance of this is that we became aware of ourselves. And that we may know the positive and negative characteristics that other people saw in us.  After that, we can now work on our bad sides and later eliminate them all. Another benefit that we can get from this process is that it helps us become a well adjusted person. Because after knowing yourself, you will now learn how to adjust to the changes that happened. Also if you succeeded in this process, you will be free from having or facing an “identity crisis” because you already solve your problem. You already knew what was hindering you from becoming a better individual.    This whole process is continuous. This never ends for we will be stumbling for sometime but if one is courageous enough, he will be able to stand and improve his life.   All it takes is open- mindedness and courage to do this process of improving one’s self.

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When I first saw this, I can’t help but to let go of my laughter :)) But on the other side I realize that, what if eggs do have life?? hehe. This photo is awesome.

When I first saw this, I can’t help but to let go of my laughter :)) But on the other side I realize that, what if eggs do have life?? hehe. This photo is awesome.


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August 7, 2012 | Class Suspended.

“If my observation was right, the thing made its first blow last August 5, 2012, Sunday. That was a stormy night. Thunders are rumbling like crazy. Heavy rainfall came rushing down the roofs accompanied by strong winds.”

‘Til the next 48…

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